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Dolphin C5

Our Maytronics commercial robotic pool cleaners are the choice of thousands of commercial pool operators in hotels, country clubs, spas, schools and public and private swim centers worldwide. Bringing together nearly 30 years of expertise in pool cleaning, our commercial robotic pool cleaners are built for heavy-duty, cost-effective pool cleaning and designed to work with minimum intervention.


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  • Question
    Maytronics Dolphin International Export Warning!
    ·         1. Warning if purchased for overseas use
    ·         1.1 All Maytronics products displayed on the   website (Maytronics Products) are specifically designed and modified to comply with North American laws and standards.
    ·         1.2 Given that the laws and standards that apply to goods and services can vary quite significantly in different jurisdictions, Maytronics US has ensured that all necessary modifications have been made to the Maytronics Products such that they meet North America’s strict product and safety standards.
    ·         1.3 If you have purchased for export any product with a ‘Maytronics’ brand or similar to any of the Maytronics products displayed on for a country outside North America,  please be aware that that product is not supplied by Maytronics US and may not comply with other countries laws and standards. This may also affect the validity of any product liability insurances you may have in place.
    ·         1.4 If that is the case, Maytronics US has no obligation to honor any warranty or to repair or replace your product for free.
    ·         2. Liability
    ·         2.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, we (MaytronicsUS) are not liable for any loss, damage, cost, expense or liability (whether direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, special, punitive or otherwise) however caused, suffered by any person (including you) in connection with the purchase, manufacture or exportation of Maytronics-branded products to jurisdictions outside North America (whether in relation to supply, installation, operation, failure, use or misuse or otherwise).
  • Question
    What is the purpose of the floats on the handle of the cleaner?
    The floats are on the arm of the Dolphin. The floats are used to assist the buoyancy of the cleaner when turning on the bottom of the pool and scrubbing the waterline. To adjust the buoyancy, slide the float out on one side of the Dolphin. If the cleaner continues to have issues turning or scrubbing the waterline, pull the opposite float outward as well.
  • Question
    Can you use Dolphin cleaners in hot tubs or ponds, etc.?
    No, the Dolphin is not designed to clean hot tubs or ponds.
  • Question
    Can you leave the power supply out in the weather?
    The power supply is water resistant but not waterproof. Please cover the power supply if inclement weather approaches. Do not leave the power supply in standing water. Do not allow the power supply to be submerged in the pool.
  • Question
    Can I leave the power supply unit outside in the elements?
    The power supply unit is an electrical device which must be protected from the elements. When in use the unit needs to remain dry. Do not submerge the power supply unit in water as this will damage the internal components.

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Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

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3 reviews

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  1. Douglas Marshall

    3 out of 5 Does the job

    Douglas Marshall

    Does the job ok. Gets stuck on the VGB Drain Covers in the deep end. Usually find it there in the morning. No Idea how long it cleans before getting stuck. (I am sure it varies from lots of cleaning to stuck 20 minutes after putting it in.) It really does clean well when not stuck. Amazing the amount of Dirt it collects, even when the pool visually looks clean. (Outdoor pool) The Yellow Plastic Clips on the filter tray are weak. My New one broke on one side. (replaced with clip from older model we have) Have not tried to get new ones yet.

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  2. Paul

    3 out of 5 Poor support


    Tech support said they couldn’t tell me what changing the handle positions would actually do to the machine. They said I’d have to play with it to see what it does. I was told their tech people don’t have phones and don’t talk to people. We just bought a $3000 commercial unit and it hangs up on the corner of a step and cant get itself off it. I guess its going back.

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  3. Larry

    5 out of 5 Great robot, be careful of obstacles


    We use the C5 at the swim club I manage to maintain two 170,000 gallon pools, switching between the two each night. Does a wonderful job in the competition pool, but occasionally has trouble in the recreation pool. I have come in in the morning to see that it wrapped itself around the mushroom fountain or beached itself where the pool slopes out of the water. Fortunately, this area doesn’t actually get that dirty in the first place, so we just place the caddy on the opposite end of the pool and make sure to not dish out enough cable for the robot to reach the obstacles. Another minor issue is that it will get stuck on modern VGB Compliant drain covers due to their convex shape. To get around this, I just partially shut the main drains overnight. Overall, though, this robot is easily the hardest worker at my facility and has made my job much easier, allowing me to concentrate more of my time on doing the other things that need to be done before and after hours. I haven’t had to break out the manual vacuum since buying this robot. Even if it misses spots overnight, I can get them real quick in the morning using the C5’s manual control mode.

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