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Clean and Healthy Resort Pool

Crystal clear water and healthy air for your swimming pool.

The Healthy Swim System is an innovative, sustainable and economical pool water treatment system, in which all of the components work together to produce crystal clear, safe water with healthy air conditions.

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Why Use the Healthy Swim System?

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    Reduce operating costs by minimizing backwash, chemical consumption and filter media exchange.

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    Improve air quality for your guests with reduced chlorine use and disinfection by-products.

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    Increase water clarity and safety with sub-micron filtration of bacteria and particles.

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    Save time and reduce water usage with less backwash. Reduced backwash means less downtime for your filter and more savings with reduced freshwater fill.

The Healthy Swim System: It’s as Easy as One-Two-Three!

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    Activated Filter Media (AFM)

    Double the performance of your existing filtration system, and unlike sand filters, AFM never needs replacing.

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  • Clear Water from Activated Catalytic Oxidizing

    Activated Catalytic Oxidizing (ACO)

    Harness the energy of the sun or ultraviolet (UV) light to extend the life of chlorine and ensure pool water remains disinfected.

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    All Poly Flocculant (APF)

    Eliminate pollutants and merge fine, suspended solids into larger particles that APF easily removes.

    Swimming in Healthy Water from All Poly Flocculant
Healthy Swim Certified Facility Seal

Earn the prestigious Healthy Swim Certification by using all THREE elements of the Healthy Swim System at your facility. Display the Healthy Swim Certification seal in the pool area, at guest check-in and on resort TV to reassure guests that your commitment to a sustainable and healthy environment extends to the pool, with the cleanest, safest water possible.

Healthy Swim System Activated Filter Media Product Image

Healthy Swim AFM is a bio-resistant Activated Filter Media that uses activated, recycled green and amber glass that greatly reduces airborne chloramines.

  • Improves filtration and water clarity
  • Reduces odor from pool
  • Never needs replacing or recharging
  • 50% more effective backwash
  • Reduces chlorine smell and irritating chloramines in the air
  • Water Quality Association certified to meet NSF 50 and 61 industry standards for safe and clean water
Healthy Swim System Active Catalytic Oxidation Product Image

Healthy Swim ACO is an Active Catalytic Oxidizer that catalyzes the formation of free radicals to disinfect pool water and acts as a UV filter to protect chlorine from the sun.

  • Uses the energy of the sun or UV light to disinfect the pool
  • Reduces odor from chemicals
  • Reduces the production of toxic disinfection by-products, such as chloramines and other DBPs
  • Water Quality Association certified to meet NSF 50 and 61 industry standards for safe and clean water
Healthy Swim System All Poly Floc Product Image

Healthy Swim APF is an All Poly Flocculant that removes fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, from pool water.

  • Reduces chemical demand by up to 80%
  • Reduces bacteria, parasites and smaller particles
  • Reduces odor from chemicals
  • Water Quality Association certified to meet NSF 50 and 61 industry standards for safe and clean water
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Successfully used in more than 250,000 pools worldwide

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