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Dolphin Days 2019 Promo Banner

2019 Maytronics Dolphin Days of Summer

Maytronics is now offering a national rebate on cleaners purchased in your local retail store for the months of May, June, and July! Here’s how it works. Simply, register your Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s warranty by visiting During the warranty registration process, enter the promotional code for your cleaner in the box next to your Dolphin Robot’s serial number and then complete the remaining registration steps. You will receive a follow-up email once your rebate has been processed. Please allow 4-6 weeks to process the request and receive your check.

The rebate is valid on all cleaners purchased from retail stores from May 1, 2019, to July 31, 2019. All request must be submitted by August 30, 2019.

$25 Rebate for Advanced Robotic Cleaners

Promo Code: U-DDAD252019
Cleaners included: S200, Active 20, T35, M200, and DX3

$50 Rebate for Deluxe Robotic Cleaners

Promo Code: U-DDDX502019
Cleaners included: S300, Active 30, T45, M400, and DX4

$75 Rebate for Premium Robotic Cleaners

Promo Code: U-DDPM752019
Cleaners included: S300i, Active 30i, T55i, M600, M500, and DX6


Warranty & Rebate FAQ

Q. How do I register my Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s warranty and request my rebate?
A. You can register your Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s warranty by visiting During the warranty registration process, please enter the rebate promotional code for your cleaner in the box next to your Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s serial number and complete the steps that follow.

Q. What information do I need when submitting my warranty and rebate request?
A. Thank you for your purchase! When submitting your, warranty and rebate request, you will need the following information: your Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s serial number, the rebate promotion code, and a clear copy of your receipt that shows all purchase information.

Q. Can I mail my rebate request?
A. For your convenience and our records, all rebate requests must be submitted online. Maytronics will not be able to honor requests received by mail.

Q. How long does it take to receive my rebate check?
A. The rebate approval process takes 4-6 weeks after your submission is received.

Q. Where is my Maytronics Dolphin Robot’s serial number located?
A. You can find your Maytronics Dolphin’s serial number by opening the top of the cleaner and removing the filter basket or cartridge filters. The number is a 10 digit alpha-numeric number.

Q. Where can I find the promotion code to request a rebate?
A. We offer two ways for you to find your rebate promotion code. Your Maytronics Dolphin Robot Dealer can provide you with the promotion code, or you can visit the Maytronics US website’s specific product page for your Maytronics Dolphin to view current promotional offer codes.

Q. How do I know my rebate was submitted?
A. Once your rebate has been submitted, you will receive an email letting you know your request is pending verification.

Q. What products are eligible for the rebate promotion?
A. We have great promotions for our Maytronics Dolphin Days. Please visit the Maytronics US website specific product pages for details on our current rebate promotions.

Q. I forgot to submit my rebate request before the cutoff date; can I still apply for the rebate?
A. We plan our promotions far in advance to make sure our customers get them when it may benefit them the most. Currently, our policy is such that we are unable to honor rebate requests received after the cutoff date has passed.

Q. When I register my Maytronics Dolphin Robot for the warranty, do I automatically get the rebate?
A. If you submitted your rebate promotional code at the same time as you register your model for warranty, your rebate will processed accordingly. Unfortunately, if the rebate promotional code is not provided at that time when you register for your warranty, it will not be eligible for a rebate.

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