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Meet The Dolphin DX 3
Meet The Dolphin DX 3

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The Dolphin DX3

Dolphin DX3 is the ideal robotic pool cleaner for pools up to 10m (33ft) in length.
With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning, including the difficult-to reach angle where the floor meets the walls.


Discover the DX3 in 3D Discover the DX3 in 3D
Swivel - cable tangle prevention system
 - DX Series Maytronics
Swivel - cable tangle prevention system
 icon - DX Series Maytronics

Swivel - cable tangle prevention system

Dolphin’s patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever!
As your Dolphin moves around the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear, allowing for complete pool coverage.

Precision Navigation
 - DX Series Maytronics
Precision Navigation
 icon - DX Series Maytronics

Precision Navigation

CleaverClean™ coverage is powered by an advanced navigation systems and scanning software. This ensures that every inch of your pool – walls, floor and waterline – are cleaned using the most efficient route. So smart, the system automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its route.

Effortless Operation


Express Support

We design Dolphins for fast, easy fixes. Your dealer can repair and replace most parts quickly in-house.

Express Support icon - Maytronics
Simplified Maintenance

Large capacity bag filtration ensures clog-free operation in any pool condition.

Simplified Maintenance icon - Maytronics


Ideal Pool Length Up to 50 ft
Cleaning Coverage IntelliScan Technology (floor, wall & up to waterline)
Cleaning Cycle 3 hours
Weekly Timer Yes - Customizable Cleaning Times
Caddy Optional
Warranty 18 months
Classification Standard

Explore The DX Series

Find the model that best fits your specific needs. No matter your choice, rest assured you’ll get an exceptional experience with crystal-clean results, effortless operation for pool peace of mind.

"Works wonderfully. Named him "Flipper" and he does a GREAT job. I love that I can put him in and walk away to do other things and know that after 2-3 hours my pool is super clean and ready to go." -Cindy Lindeman, WI

"I have used Dolphin cleaners since 2003. That Dolphin served me well for 12 years without a problem. The time came to replace the cleaner. My decision was easy. I purchased the Dolphin M500." -Jerry Filippone, IL

"I watched the model in the tank at the place where I get my water checked for about 2 years. It looked amazing but I could not afford to buy at that time. The business then started to rent them out and I was hooked! No other pool cleaner grabbed my attention like the Dolphin." -Tracey Ellis, VA