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Amazing Above Ground Pool Design Trends

Going Above Ground? Maytronics Makes a Dolphin for That!

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool design trends now include ample decking and savvy placement, such as hillside installation. (Image courtesy Int. Decorating Tips)

Relax. Reconnect. Entertain. Have fun. The Assoc. of Pool & Spa Professionals links all four benefits to pool ownership.

Above Ground Pool

Gain extra poolside seating with a deck that steps up, in multiple levels, from pavers to pool’s edge. (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

The ASPS also notes that never before has owning a residential swimming pool provided so many options for: enjoying family time, celebrating special moments with friends, adopting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing your home’s desirability.

The value private swimming pools add to our properties and personal lives is unmistakable.

It was a sad day, then, when my sister Fran’s glorious above ground pool—with its wraparound deck and tree coverage—collapsed. She’d barely opened it and had yet to invite me over for one of our Girls-Only Fridays Off. Whole days spent swimming and sunning, in her backyard, like two carefree teenagers on summer break. That pool provided her (and, by extension, me) with nearly 20 years of faithful service.

Its back walls had rusted, in response to Upstate New York’s harsh winters. Her husband, Mike, noticed the corrosion a day prior. Talk about timing (and cruel irony). When it gave way, her dreams of blissful outdoor living seemed to wash away with the errant pool water. She couldn’t bear to talk about it. Yet, having gotten 17 years’ use out of it, she said it was well worth the investment. Now? To find a replacement.

The features and options available in home-based pools are nothing like they were two decades ago. The word “ample” barely does the trick. When contemplating trends in above ground pool design, dare I say … we’re in the swim!

Amazing Above Ground Design Trends

There’s been a decade-long resurgence in the popularity of above ground swimming pools.

Above Ground Pool

Ample decking and fencing add eye appeal, cohesiveness, value and safety to pool areas. (Image courtesy Int. Decorating Tips)

So says Lisa Hallett Taylor on behalf of online home decorating and life remodeling idea hub The Spruce, which urges: “Make your best home.” I second that emotion. In her view, price and portability—when compared to in-grounds—are two reasons why.

Portability as in you leave your existing home and take that pool with you. (TIP: Be sure to let your listing agent know it’s off limits first.)

“The concept of maximizing the enjoyment factor out of your outdoor living space has been embraced by a growing number of people,” she explains. “An above ground pool can add even more appeal to a yard that has a grill or kitchen, living room and play area.”

Many of today’s above grounders, she adds, “do great impersonations” of their in-ground cousins. Several of her examples were eerily-convincing and awe-inspiring. Yet, after surveying dozens of ideas, I spied a few trends and am confident you can achieve an in-ground look of your own. Even if you’re simply eager to enhance the look of either your new or existing above ground pool, consider the following:

•   Decking
•   Custom Design
•   Deck Surrounds
•   Multi-Level Decking
•   Added Layers of Safety
•   Location, Location
•   Platform Decking

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool design trends now include ample decking and savvy placement, such as hillside installation. (Image courtesy Int. Decorating Tips)

Decking: Use decking to connect various areas of your outdoor living space. Do you have a dedicated grilling station? Install decking or pavers which lead from your pool to your exterior kitchen. Create a continuous flow, making disparate alcoves cohesive.

Custom Design: Let geography dictate pool placement. Ever thought of placing your pool hillside? If your yard slopes, as many do, this may be a great solution. Carving out a nook your above ground pool can nest in adds a dash of drama to otherwise wasted space.

Deck Surrounds: Mimic the look of in-ground altogether with a richly-stained surround. The bigger it is? The less obvious it’s masking an above ground pool. On top of it all, you still get the savings afforded by an above ground model. Use a dark stain for greater luxury.

Multi-Level Decking: Gain extra poolside seating with a deck that steps up, in multiple levels, from your patio pavers to pool’s edge. The graduated results are eye-catching and elegant: Two things pool owners, their guests and future home buyers find irresistible.

Added Layers of Safety: Height alone makes above grounds harder to access, which is literally a lifesaver. So, too, is a wraparound. A raised deck that extends around your pool and is outfitted with, say, picket-style fencing ups the eye appeal and safety of your outdoor haven.

Location, Location: What’s to stop you from putting that pool in a private corner on your property versus outside the back door with a view into your neighbor’s windows? If your acres butt up against a row of old growth trees, even better to shield you from prying eyes.

Platform Decking: If you want everything within reach, build a platform to the height of the pool’s edge and accessorize it to the hilt. Patio chairs. Umbrellas. An outdoor spa! Hire an experienced, reliable builder who understands deck load capacity, wood density, etc.

Yep, Maytronics Makes a Dolphin for That!

Speaking of above grounds, did you know Maytronics makes a Dolphin for that? Well, that’s only half the story!

In an ASPS/Harrison Group survey of the “Top 10 Most Popular Pool Features,” as rated by consumers themselves, “automatic pool cleaner” came in first—followed closely by the encore entry “automated cleaning system.” Before stunning waterfalls, sundecks, accent lighting, etc. Added proof that Maytronics continues to lead the way in innovation.

Active 10

The spunky Maytronics Dolphin Active 10 robotic pool cleaner scrubs floors clean in roughly 1.5 hrs. (30 ft. pool length) and is manufactured exclusively for use in your above ground pool.

In business for more than 30 years, Maytronics is savvy to the ins, outs and other nuances of the pool cleaning robot industry and the pool industry at large. Its extensive lineup of ergonomic, user-friendly robotic pool cleaners offers three distinct robots designed exclusively for use with above ground pools. They include the:

•   Dolphin Active 10
•   Dolphin E10
•   -&- Dolphin S50

Besides being cute as a button, these are great ground-level robots. (Pun intended.) Forget scrubbing floors. Avoid scooping leaves, dirt and other debris. Let the Active 10S50 or E10 do it—automatically.

Top notch filters mean sparkling clean pool water with no muss or fuss. In-ground or above? You decide! Either way, robotic vacuums are a must if you hope to spend more time relaxing, reconnecting, entertaining and having fun. Average run times on these units are a mere 1.5 hrs. for 30-ft. pools.

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