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Get Your Dolphin Days Rebate!


Get Your Dolphin Days Rebate!

By Christine G. Adamo

If I could save you money in (3) easy steps, I’d do it.

The 2019 Dolphin Days of Summer Rebate offer is good on purchases made May 1 thru July 31. (Pictured: Dolphin Days summary)

The 2019 Dolphin Days of Summer Rebate applies to qualifying purchases May 1 thru July 31.

Well, I can and I will. Say, “Hello!” to crystal clear pool water as we usher in the 2019 Dolphin Days of Summer Rebates. Whether this is your first Dolphin pool cleaning robot or you’re in the market for a new one, get up to $75 back from Maytronics U.S. Follow (3) easy steps and then make your purchase between May 1, 2019, and July 31, 2019.

Step 1, in this process, is to choose a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner based on your own residential swimming pool needs. Step 2 is to visit a nearby Authorized Maytronics Dealer. Tip: Ask how you can take a demo drop-and-go robotic pool cleaner out for a test run. Finally, Step 3: Redeem your Dolphin Days Rebate by Aug. 31, 2019. Read on and do all (3) quickly and easily.

1. Choose Your Dolphin Robot

The choice is yours. Pick from Maytronics' Premium, Deluxe or Advanced Dolphin robot lines. (Pictured: Savings grid)

The choice is yours. Pick from Maytronics’ Premium, Deluxe or Advanced Dolphin robot lines.

In order to help you choose the right Dolphin pool cleaner, let’s take a quick inventory of your needs. For starters, think about how often you will want (or need) to run your powerful robot. Do local climate and other conditions necessitate a little extra oomph? Or is there not a lot of flora, fauna and debris flying around in your neck of the woods?

Stable climates and routine pool usage suggest that you can start your search from the bottom up. As your weather concerns or individual needs increase, turn your eye toward a more robust model. By doing that, you can identify your sweet spot and then purchase accordingly. Let your local dealer weigh in on this, as well. Models eligible for 2019 Dolphin Days rebates are as follows:

•   PremiumS300i, Active 30i, T55i, M500, M600, DX6
•   Deluxe – S300, Active 30, T45, M400, DX4
•   Advanced – S200, Active 20, T35, M200, DX3

Premium Series

Pool vacuums in Dolphin’s Premium line come fully equipped. Think weekly timers, multi-function controls, IntelliScan technology, high-capacity pool water filters and extended warranties. Other perks include precise navigation, tangle-free cables and adjustable run times.

Deluxe Series

If you’re energy conscious, try a Deluxe Series Dolphin with built-in weekly timer. CleverClean Technology gives these units greater gripping power, too. That makes traveling up vertical surfaces a breeze for them. On average, a pool of up to 50 ft. will be scrubbed clean in (3) hours.

Advanced Series

Small but mighty—that’s what you’ll find here. Dolphin Advanced Series robots are compact but offer great results in no time. Because they’re lightweight, they’re also easy to carry. In a few short hours, even with 50 ft. to cover, your pool will sparkle and shine like never before.

2. Give That Robot a Test Run

The Dolphin Premium S300i robotic pool cleaner has a slew of great features! (Pictured: Dolphin S300i pool cleaner)

The Dolphin Premium S300i robotic pool cleaner has a slew of time-saving features!

In order to redeem your Dolphin Days of Summer Rebate, you must buy your robot vacuum at a brick-and-mortar store. There are a few reasons why. Most importantly, as I stated, you’ll want to ask about giving a demo robot a test run. This is critical to ensuring that you select the best model for your in-ground or above-ground pool.

Maytronics also knows, according to research, that U.S. consumers prefer to touch and feel the merchandise. Yes, even when shopping for a residential or commercial pool cleaner. The pool industry professionals Maytronics partners with also take pride in showing off each model’s time-saving innovations. So, make sure you and your pool benefit from that expertise.

Still, the savings alone are worth it:

•   Save $75 – buy a “Premium” robot
•   Save $50 – get a “Deluxe” pool cleaner
•   Save $25 – try an “Advanced” Series model

Once you’ve selected one and fit in a test run (thanks to your local Maytronics Authorized Dealer) submit your rebate information. Note: This offer applies to the models outlined above versus, say, the “Performance” line.

3. Get Your Dolphin Days Rebate

Saving made easy: Choose your Dolphin, take it for a test run and make a purchase. (Pictured: $50 Promo Code)

Choose your Dolphin, take it for a test run and make a purchase. That’s saving made easy!

Clean pool water is a must for pool owners who take both swimming and banishing pool bacteria seriously. Dolphin robotic vacuums are built to filter out coarse, fine and ultra-fine debris. So, whether you’re bothered by fine particles or remnants from last year’s raking, get crystal clear results from pool floor to pool surface.

Alas, the 2019 Dolphin Days of Summer Rebate program won’t last forever. This limited-time offer applies to Maytronics automatic pool cleaners purchased May 1st thru July 31st. If you’re still not convinced that a user-friendly Dolphin robot will improve your family’s outdoor living experience, consider this:

•   Money Back – put some extra cash back in your wallet
•   Energy Savings – efficient, low-cost pool maintenance
•   Multi-Layer Filters – a clean, safe swim every time
•   Intelligent Navigation – true hands-off operation
•   Programmable Timers – on Bluetooth® robots
•   Active Brush Technology – built right in

There are other perks, too! Enjoy the industry’s best warranty, as your pool robot’s fine filter walls and ergonomic design do the heavy lifting. Relax poolside with a backyard swim experience that’s second to none at increasing summertime fun. In short, save time, money and worry—with a Dolphin Days rebate.

Minimize your pool’s downtime and put more fun in your summer. Visit an Authorized Maytronics Dealer today. In case you need them, here are the Promo Codes for qualifying product lines: Advanced ($25 Rebate), U-DDAD252019; Deluxe ($50 Rebate); and, U-DDDX502019 | Premium ($75 Rebate), U-DDPM752019.

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