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Dolphin Intelligence

Though some people may believe that humans evolved from apes, one of the most intelligent species sometimes forgotten, is the dolphin. Coming in only second to the human species, when comparing brain size to body, the dolphin’s brain is quite comparable to body size among any other living specie. The dolphin is not only a highly intelligent and socially competent creature, but also strategic in identification and achievement. Clever and discerning, dolphins are able to communicate with one another through the power of “echolocation”. They do this by sonar communications, as they decode and respond to echoes and other sounds. With this highly evolved language, dolphins are not only able to track location, but are also warned by other dolphins when there are predators close by. This mature form of communication allows dolphins to plan and strategize with one another as they map out their intentions for catching food, avoiding predators, and achieving any specific goal.

Not only are dolphins brains complex, allowing them to understand symbols and syntax, but they are also very intuitive and aware of their own thoughts, expressing an attribute of intelligence known as, metacognition – something found in humans. This communicational skill allows dolphins to be self-aware and thoughtful, and gives them complex understanding in their thinking patterns.

This is the very reason that Maytronics named their exceptionally intelligent automatic pool cleaner, the dolphin robotic pool cleaner. With state-of-the-art pool cleaning intelligence, just like the species of dolphin, the dolphin robotic pool cleaner is automatically able to scan and clean at the highest level. Being able to navigate in any type of pool, the automatic dolphin robotic pool cleaner moves efficiently and meticulously as it achieves the highest goal of cleaning and eco safety for one’s pool.