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Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 2.0


Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 2.0

By Christine G. Adamo

Like your Dolphin, Troubleshooting 2.0 is ready to roll!

The last time we talked, DIY fans, we focused on maintaining your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner’s multi-layer filter system. As a result, you learned what to do when your unit’s filter bags or cartridges are full. In addition, you learned what it means when the Full Filter Indicator light turns on. We also taught you to reset the filter light like a pool cleaning robot pro.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Industry Leading Warranty Protection (Dolphin robotic pool cleaner pictured)

Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robots are easy to use and offer the industry’s best warranty!

We pointed you to your nearest authorized Maytronics Distributor, too, though I failed to mention that the online Dealer Locator Tool is available 24/7. By now, you’ve also figured out if a pool robot warranty applies and/or have ordered any replacement filters.

We also shared info for contacting Customer and Technical Support. In this 2nd DIY Troubleshooting blog (2.0), you’ll learn to navigate your Dolphin robotic vacuum.

We’ll even help you get your user-friendly, residential or commercial swimming pool robot “unstuck.” Hey, it happens, but no one likes being backed into a corner; not even a Dolphin pool cleaner robot. Suggest a DIY topic of your own by clicking HERE.

Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 2.0

When you ask, Maytronics’ goal is to provide answers that get you back in the swim. What we cover in this Do-It-Yourself blog series is informed by questions like yours, submitted by pool owners and Dolphin users curious about the MyDolphin app, Bluetooth®, power supply, Active Brush technology and more.

What you’ve learned already:

  •  Filters – Dolphin filter bag/cartridge care (1.0)
  •  Service, Warranties & Rebates – Your Dolphin experience (1.0)

What you’ll learn in this and future posts:

  •  Navigation – Getting your Dolphin robot “unstuck” (2.0)
  •  Power Supply & Timer – Operating your robotic vacuum (3.0)
  •  MyDolphin App & Bluetooth® – Using remote control features (3.0)
  •  Manuals, Parts & Repairs – Locating info, components & Dealers (4.0)

If you still have questions, after reading this or any other DIY installment, pick up the phone! Find out how the Dolphin Difference makes pool maintenance and automatic pool cleaner operation easier. Call Maytronics at (888) DOLPHIN. For those fond of digits, that’s (888) 365-7446.

Navigation: Get Your Dolphin Moving

Get your Dolphin moving! The (4) Q&A points covered here address navigation.

Help! It’s stuck.

Q. What can I do if my drop-and-go robot gets stuck over a pool drain, etc.?

A. Ergonomic Dolphin commercial and backyard pool cleaners equipped with PowerStream mobility drive systems have an escape feature programmed right in, which tells them when they’re stuck. That gives them the power needed to navigate sticky situations. Whichever model you have, it’s helpful to know that:

  •  High VGB main drains can derail Dolphins.
  •  Heavy suction can cause Dolphins to get stuck.
  •  It’s best to turn pool pumps OFF during operation.
  •  An impeller cover may help on some Dolphin models.
  •  The optional* cover angles expelled pool water back vs. up.

* If an impeller cover doesn’t exist for your Dolphin, install an aftermarket pool supply or similar third-party device over your VGB main drain to correct the problem. Whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground, this fix can make your swim experience—and your Dolphin’s—more enjoyable.

Upwardly mobile?

Q. My robot isn’t climbing. How do I get it upwardly mobile?

Cleaning the filters on your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is meant to be easy! (Pictured: Rinse with water after each use.)

Cleaning the filters on your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is easy: Remove, rinse well and re-seat!

A. Do you clean your Dolphin filter bags and cartridges after EACH use? They may be clogged, so try a deep cleaning. Spray vigorously with a hose (L. to R., top to bottom) to rinse off coarse debris, fine particles and ultra-fine debris. If your unit has a filter bag, machine wash it on gentle but let it air dry fully before you re-seat it.

Impressive, but …

Q. Our robot is floating, lifting up and doing wheelies. How’s that possible?!

A. Your Dolphin maneuvers around your pool by starting and stopping the impeller. This helps the cleaner make precise turns. First, check to be sure filter bags and cartridges aren’t dirty or otherwise clogged. As an added precaution, clean them. Finally, ensure proper installation:

  •  Snap all (4) FILTER CARTRIDGES in place, leaving no visible gaps.
  •  Be sure FILTER BAG elastic is snug along the bottom lid and stretches over the plastic lip, leaving no visible gaps.

Got ghost tracks?

Q. My robot pool cleaner is leaving clear “tracks” on the pool’s surface. Too, I think it’s failing to clean our pool water as it travels. What could be wrong?

Dolphin Difference - Smart Scanning and Active Brush Technology (pictured)

Smart scans and active brushing keep your Dolphin moving. These tips help keep it mobile, too!

It sounds like your Dolphin is equipped with all-surface combination brushes (PVC bristles and white foam rings), but foam rings must be fully saturated with water for 10-20 min. before the cleaning cycle begins.

If not properly hydrated, they remain hard or stiff versus compress enough to ensure adequate suction. In this way, a lack of hydration keeps Dolphin brushes from making full contact with your swimming pool surface and floor. So, these tips should help.

Finally, stay tuned for more DIY Troubleshooting tips!

In version 3.0, we’ll tackle: programmable timers, power supplies, MyDolphin apps, Bluetooth® operation and remote control. As needed, visit to download your user manual. And, if contacting Dolphin Customer Support or Technical Support is on your To-Do list, have your Serial # handy when calling.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Got a DIY topic to suggest? Submit it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MaytronicsUS.