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Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 3.0


Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 3.0

By Christine G. Adamo

Do-It-Yourself fans, get ready for “Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 3.0.” By now you’re familiar with your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner’s filter bag or cartridge system. You know how to clean those filters well. You’ve even figured out how to reset your pool cleaning robot’s Full Filter Indicator light with ease. You’re no doubt teaching friends and family to find their nearest Maytronics distributor using the 24/7 online Dealer Locator Tool and can get your automatic pool cleaner “unstuck,” as needed.

For you? Calls to Customer or Technical Support are now a breeze. Same goes for following up on the benefits awaiting you courtesy of the industry’s best warranties for pool robots so, “Congrats!” By using our DIY tips, you’ve become a user-friendly-pool-robot Whiz Kid. In this penultimate blog series installment, you’ll get advice every pool owner should know about their power supply, timer, MyDolphin app and Bluetooth® control. Next time? We’ll conclude with DIY Troubleshooting 4.0.

Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 3.0

With Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, you get to spend more time enjoying your pool experience. (Pictured: feet dangling in a clear pool water)

With Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, you get to spend more time enjoying your pool experience.

So many questions, so little time. Scratch that! When you buy a Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robot, you gain access to all of the information you need to make your residential or commercial swimming pool experience amazing. And, by the way, by that I mean for yourself as well as guests, family members and friends. Let’s review what we’ve covered so far:

•   Filters – Dolphin filter bag/cartridge care (v1.0)
•   Service, Warranties & Rebates – The Dolphin Difference (v1.0)
•   Navigation – Getting your Dolphin robot “unstuck” (v2.0)

What you’ll learn now and next time:

•   Power Supply & Timer – Operating your robotic vacuum (v3.0)
•   MyDolphin App & Bluetooth® – Using remote control features (v3.0)
•   Manuals, Parts & Repairs – Locating info, components & Dealers (v4.0)

Energy-saving, energy-efficient Dolphin robotic vacuums are designed to simplify pool maintenance. That’s why you own a drop-and-go Dolphin robot in the first place! If you still have questions after reading this or any of our other DIY blogs, pick up the phone and call Maytronics at (888) DOLPHIN. That’s (888) 365-7446.

Your Dolphin Power Supply & Timer

If you can remedy a power supply or timer issue on your own, more power to you! Here’s some targeted advice for doing just that. For added safety, follow these “Pool & Spa Safety Tips” informed by the ESFi or Electrical Safety Foundation Int’l.:

•   Comply w/applicable electrical codes.
•   Use GFCI hard-wired or portable outlets.
•   DO NOT handle electrical devices when wet.
•   Keep plugs near water activity covered and dry.

Q. Can we power our Dolphin residential pool cleaner or commercial pool cleaner by using an extension cord?

A. For your safety DO NOT USE an extension cord with your Dolphin pool cleaner. Extension cords present a fire hazard, reduce pool safety levels and impair equipment performance. Instead, plug your robot vacuum directly into a properly-rated outlet and make sure it’s at least 10 ft. away from any water source.

If your Dolphin is having trouble reaching the far ends of your private swimming pool, hire a qualified electrician. He or she may be able to relocate an existing GFCI outlet for safe operation. If not, have them install one in a spot that ensures your Dolphin will easily reach from pool surface to pool floor.

Look, no tools needed! Maytronics makes Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting simple and easy! (Pictured: shadows of tools)

Look, Ma, no tools needed! Maytronics makes Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting simple and easy.

Q. Why isn’t our power supply working?

A. First, check the outlet. Then, plug in another device like a hair dryer. If that won’t work either, reset the outlet’s GFI switch. Still no luck? Switch outlets. If the other items work but your robot doesn’t, take it to your local Maytronics Dealer for power supply testing.

Q. The power supply works fine—but my Dolphin won’t seem to budge. Why is that?

A. If your pool robot doesn’t move at all, there may be a power cable error. (Was it run over by aliens?) If your Dolphin moves a few feet but then stops, it could be there’s a drive train or impeller blockage to blame so have a closer look:

•   Inspect the impeller itself.
•   Inspect all tracks and brushes.
•   Remove any debris that’s visible.
•   Gently rotate the brushes by hand.
•   Do they move back and forth easily?

It’s normal to feel some resistance but not much. If those steps don’t help—or if you feel/hear clicking or popping—there may be a hidden obstruction. Take your Dolphin to an authorized dealer for close inspection and testing. Bring your original receipt with you, too. Replacement parts may be covered under warranty.

Q. Why do only some power supply features work?

A. Some features are specific to certain robot pool cleaner models: programmable timer, fast-cleaning mode, delayed start. Search for your model at to see which features are built-in.

Your MyDolphin App & Bluetooth®

Innovation is great, ain’t it? The answers to the questions below will help you understand remote control operation via your Dolphin pool cleaning robot’s MyDolphin app and Bluetooth® control.

Use Bluetooth to “set and forget” select robots from anywhere with WiFi access. (Pictured: Bluetooth network image)

Use Bluetooth® to “set and forget” select robot models from anywhere with WiFi access.

Q. Why can’t I get the MyDolphin App or Bluetooth® to work?

A. The app is specific to robots with an Advanced Power Supply which are Bluetooth®-equipped. At type in your model name or # to display a list of features. If these come standard, you can “set and forget” your robot from anywhere as long as you have WiFi access.

Q. Our MyDolphin App displays an error message. What do I do?

A. If an error message pops up, try restarting the app. It’s best if your WiFi connection is 3G or 4G. Too, take the following steps anytime you connect (or reconnect) your Dolphin to the app:

•   With your Dolphin “Off,” open its casing.
•   Note your unit’s Serial # (near the barcode).
•   Close the unit casing, turn it “On” and let it run.
•   After 1+ min., connect your smartphone to WiFi.
•   Pair via Bluetooth® to your Dolphin—not a neighbor’s.

You’ll know the app is connected if the power supply buttons are overridden in “Disable” mode.

Are you happy with what you learned here? Follow our blog so you don’t miss out on “Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 4.0.” In that edition, we’ll discuss parts, product manuals and basic repairs. In the meantime, visit Once there you’ll have access to product specs and helpful advice.

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