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Get Smart About Pool Maintenance with These Clever Pool Maintenance Apps

Smartphone apps can pretty much do everything (except maybe dishes), and now they can even make the daunting task of maintaining your pool a lot easier. Cleaning your pool, monitoring your equipment, and analyzing water chemistry are just a few areas where apps can lighten your load. Let’s take a look at some of this time-saving tech.


MyDolphinApp is more than user-friendly, it’s fun to use! You can’t say that about a net and a scrub brush. Easy device-to-robot pairing quickly connects your iOS or Android phone or tablet, to your Dolphin pool cleaning robot. Once paired, the app lets you customize a cleaning program and choose your cleaning mode—it also lets you drive. The manual navigation feature turns your smartphone or tablet into a virtual joystick as you maneuver the robot to specific areas of your pool; switch to Tilt Mode for a more playful and realistic experience!

Fun and games aside, MyDolphinApp is the command center for your Dolphin pool cleaning robot. The Dashboard displays detailed information about the current cleaning cycle as well as buttons that activate weekly timers, manual drive, cleaning mode, and more. This easy-to-use app is a perfect way to get the whole family involved in pool care!

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Pool Cloud

Most of us aren’t mathematicians or chemists—and knowing that a miscalculation can wreck the water quality of your pool is pretty intimidating! The Pool Cloud app comes to the rescue by guiding you every step of the way as you take charge of your pool.

Lifting the veil on professional pool care, the Pool Cloud app lets you choose from a variety of service plans that align with your needs, or you create your own service plans based on your unique circumstances. Then, the app takes you step-by-step through each task with video tutorials. As you go through the tasks, your pool chemistry is calculated for you, taking out all the guesswork. Pool Cloud also offers tutorials for special circumstances such as accidents or travel.

Pool Cloud’s Trend Analysis feature tracks the history of your pool conditions and offers you a visual representation by creating graphs from your pool data. That kind of user-friendly insight can turn the pool novice into an enthusiast in no time!

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Do you ever wish that your appliances could just tell you something is wrong instead of having to find out the hard way? With the HeaterReader app, you can receive notification emails from your swimming pool heater and pump on your smartphone letting you know when your heater is activated or malfunctioning, so you can act quickly to solve problems as they arise.

The HeaterReader app also features a cost analysis tool that shows your operating costs then lets you set personalized timers to optimize energy usage. This feature is especially handy for homeowners with rental properties or property managers.

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AquaChek Smart

Testing your pool chemistry can be a headache and a hassle. AquaChek has you covered with a high-tech app that partners with their easy-to-use 4-in-1 test strips. Simply dip the strip directly into your pool for a few seconds then match the colors on the strip to the colors on the AquaChek Smart app. Then, with a tap of the Prescription button, you have personalized instructions on how to treat your pool. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

AquaChek Smart also has other built-in features that help you maintain your pool like a pro: Test Result Emails, Pool Test History, Built-In Water Volume Calculator
, and more!

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With these state-of-the-art pool maintenance tools, all you have to worry about is dropping your phone in the pool!