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Happy National Pool Opening Day!

Helpful Tips to Open Your Pool

National Pool Opening Day

The temperatures are slowly on the rise and the sun is shining longer. Now is the time to turn your backyard winter wasteland into your summer sanctuary! For a lot of pool owners, that means getting your Dolphin ready for its first swim of the season!

Here are some helpful tips for getting your pool cleaner ready for a swimmingly fun summer.

Tip 1: Take your Dolphin robot out of storage. Dust off any cobwebs that may have accumulated during its winter hiatus.

Tip 2: Inspect the wearables on your Dolphin. This includes the filter(s), brushes, tracks, and the climbing rings on select models. Be sure to replace any of these parts that are showing any wear and tear. The wearables are super easy to replace, and you can find them at your local pool store or on Amazon.

Tip 3: Let your Dolphin do a self-test. To complete this easy test, flip your robot upside down so the brushes are facing up, plug in the power supply, and hit the power button. The brushes will rotate in one direction for about 10 seconds, stop and then rotate in the opposite direction and stop. If this checks-out, your Dolphin is good to go!

Tip 4: Untangle the cable. Disconnect the cable and unwind it so it’s laying straight. Let it sit out in the sun for a few hours. This is a good preventative measure to make sure there aren’t any kinks in the cable. *hint* You should do this every few weeks during the summer too.

Tip 5: Give the sides of your pool a quick brush and use a net to skim out the huge pieces of junk or clumps of leaves. This will help your Dolphin on its first run for the season.

Tip 6: Use the fine “mesh” filters to open your pool for the season. These filters work the best for removing leaves, sticks, and other larger pieces of debris.

Just know, your Dolphin may need to run a few cycles if your pool is “next-level” dirty when you start the opening process. Just be sure to rinse the filter clean between each cycle for optimal results.