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How Old Is Your Dolphin?

Some Dolphins Have Been Known To Live For More Than 20 Years

How long have you had your car? Your television? Your favorite pair of sneakers? It is innately human to hold onto the things we love the most, and extremely pragmatic to keep the items that serve us well. While shiny and new is a lot of fun, smart consumers also seek longevity in the products they purchase.

This logic also applies to pool cleaners. The family pool can get quite a workout, and caring for a swimming pool is a commitment, one that involves an understanding of a pool’s needs coupled with the best products available.

That’s where Maytronics comes in. As the creator of the Dolphin, a line of quality robotic pool cleaners, they understand longevity. The Dolphin’s average lifespan is an impressive five to seven years. However, some Dolphin fans, like Olivia and Bennie Kerr, have been using theirs for more than twenty years. Only their marriage has lasted longer! So, what makes the Dolphin so special?

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are highly efficient and thorough. Often used as a heavy-duty cleaner in commercial facilities, it is ideal for residential pool longevity. They clean any type or shape of pool. Their ease of use and dependability puts them in a pool-maintenance league of their own. There simply is no comparison to other pool cleaners, and that’s not an exaggeration. Most systems use suction and pressure that are dependent on external features, but the Dolphin, which is plug and play, as its own internal pool filtration system. Dolphin robots remove debris and dust from the water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls, and waterline with an advanced pool brushing system.

In addition, the Dolphin is cost-effective. When it is busy outperforming and outlasting other cleaners, it does so with full automation, including remote control and blue-tooth options, freeing up its owners to tend to other more important tasks, including enjoying their pool with family and friends. At 15 cents per typical three-hour cleaning cycle, the Dolphin pays for itself long before it needs replacing. And while the Dolphin is saving time and money, its eco-friendly design, one that minimizes backwash as well the need for chemical additives, is also saving the earth.

So, just how old is your Dolphin? We really want to know. If you don’t have one, you can find one here, and if you do, we’d love to hear your endearing and enduring Dolphin love stories.

To learn more about the Dolphin and other Maytronics pool solutions, visit us online.