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Hurricane-Eating Dolphin Robot Foils Irma

Odd & Amazing Maytronics Customer Testimonials

On the heels of All Hallows’ Eve, you’d think I’m playing a trick on you. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. As a customer myself, there’s one thing I know: Maytronics takes the topic of customer satisfaction seriously. By simply owning a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you’re treated to levels of customer support which rank among the industry’s best. Still, what I’m about to say may sound odd.

Hurricane Eating Dolphin Before

BEFORE. This customer’s in-ground pool was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. You’ll find the “After” images below.

There’s a Hurricane-Eating Dolphin robot in our midst!

One that showed Irma who’s boss. But that isn’t the only amazing story you’re about to read here. Maytronics pool cleaning robots have a long history of making headlines for feats so bold they border on fiction. Remember the Kerr Family?

I introduced you to them over the Summer. Olivia and Bennie Kerr purchased their original Dolphin automatic pool cleaner 20+ years ago … and that robot is still running. Maytronics sent the Kerrs an updated version anyway—as “Thanks!” for their belief in its products and service team. You can read their story HERE. Dolphins are nifty li’l worker bees!

C’mon, Dolphin … You’ve Got This!

Sadly, parts of the U.S. have been devastated by hurricane after hurricane. In 2012, there was Sandy. This year Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit Greater Houston, South Florida (along with parts of the Caribbean) and Puerto Rico in rapid succession. That’s no laughing matter. People lost homes. Lives.

Hurricane Eating Dolphin Tweet

While praise for Maytronics Dolphins isn’t rare, this post is exceptional. (Image courtesy David Prince)

We can take at least some comfort in knowing that the rebuilding and recovery process was easier for pool owners thanks to the staying power of their Dolphin robotic vacuums. Customers who found peace of mind, by deploying robots to do the dirty work for them, have reached out with thanks.

Among them is David Prince. On Sept. 12, he posted a memorable image of his Dolphin (pictured at left and above). It was filled to the gills with inches-long leaves, overgrown grass, other large debris and a slew of fine particles. His caption read: “C’mon WallE! Ten more trips into the Pit of Despair and you’ve got this! Thank you Hurricane Irma.”

Way to spread a little pool humor on dark days, David. Thank you kindly.

Pool Cleaning Robots’ Rise in Popularity

In inclement weather or otherwise, owning a Dolphin makes outdoor living easier. That’s practically its sole purpose: To ensure that your pool water is clean, safe, inviting, family-friendly and pet-friendly. It achieves that in nearly no time and with zero hassle. Take it from folks who found out for themselves.

  • “My Dolphin DX4 is my new best friend. I love to put it in the pool and return 2 to 3 hours later to a spotless, beautiful pool. Sometimes I even catch myself watching it and marveling at what it does. LOVE IT! Thank you, Maytronics U.S.” – Amanda R. (Johnson City, TN)
  • “I have owned several pool cleaners over the past 25 years (and) am amazed at the way my Edge cleans the pool and filters out sediment. Very low operation cost compared to (others). I wish there were more than 5 stars to rate it!” – Jim H. (Carthage, MO)

Testimonials like those help explain why Dolphins are the No. 1 choice among pool-owning consumers. Yet? Maytronics gets rave reviews from within the pool cleaning industry, too.

Hurricane Eating Dolphin After

AFTER. This pool owner’s Dolphin achieved sparkling results (after Hurricane Irma) in just a few hours’ time.

On behalf of a hardware and pool cleaning supply store in Florida (est. 1957), Jeremy adds his own glowing remarks: “When I say, ‘This is a great cleaner,’ I’m telling the truth. I don’t feel like I’m just selling a product.”

“I don’t feel like (the stereotypical) used-car salesman. I feel like I’m selling you a product that I would buy, use at my house and in my pool. Customers respond to that.”

“Out of all the cleaners that we sell,” he adds, “the Maytronics Dolphin line is my favorite. Its performance far exceeds (that of any other robotic pool) cleaner lines we sell.”

That settles it. Dolphins are popular for a range of reasons—all good ones!

Share a Dolphin Story of Your Own

There’s even more to Amanda’s story, as she was a reluctant Dolphin owner.

“This Spring I bought a house that happened to have an in-ground pool,” she explains. “I wasn’t sure if a pool was something I wanted to maintain but I figured I’d give it a try. Within the first week, I couldn’t believe that I had ever lived without the pool. My local pool store (told me) a Dolphin would be a lifesaver.”


The Dolphin DX4 is a lightweight, hard-working, residential robotic pool cleaner.

She opted to clean it manually, uncertain about a one-time investment in a robot for her home pool.

“Well, after obsessively trying to keep the pool clean and growing tired of the ordeal … I realized I’d like to try the Dolphin. Isaacs Pools and Spas was very helpful and recommended the Dolphin DX4, since I had a deep end. I bought the Dolphin DX4 and haven’t looked back. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!”

Another Dolphin owner dedicated an entire YouTube video to extoling the virtues of his ergonomic robot and its related MyDolphinTM App, which extends his home automation capabilities in sync with Bluetooth smartphone technology for energy-saving, time-saving remote control of his Dolphin.

Need to find a Dolphin dealer near you? Access the Maytronics Elite Dealer Locator tool HERE.

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