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How Brick & Mortar Benefits You


How Brick & Mortar Benefits You

By Christine G. Adamo

Have you put off going to a pool supply store near you?

Establishing an ongoing relationship with a nearby brick-and-mortar retailer of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners lets you do several things. One, it lets you play an active role in building a sense of community. Two, it shows support for small businesses within your own community. Three, it serves to boost your local economy. In addition, there are (5) personal benefits of cozying up to a Maytronics Dealer near you … and that’s we we’ll cover here!

The benefits of buying a Maytronics Dolphin at a retail store will make you smile! (Pictured: People having fun in the pool)

Smile! You’re about to earn exclusive perks and benefits, by buying a Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robot at a retail location near you.

Backyard and outdoor living experts know their stuff, when it comes to your pool needs. More importantly, they offer pool owners several exclusive perks. Pool industry professionals routinely partner directly with Maytronics to bring you FREE extended warranties on pool cleaning robots. They offer you special savings on pool supplies and pool maintenance accessories, too. Read on to learn more about BIG benefits like:

  • Retail-Only Rebates
  • Extended Warranties
  • Robotic Vacuum Servicing
  • Top Tier Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Dolphin Demos (“Try It Before You Buy It!”)

Retail-Only Rebates

Who's got the remote? Select Dolphin automatic pool cleaner robots come complete with Remote Control. (Pictured: Remote Control and list of benefits)

Who’s got the remote? Select Dolphin robotic pool cleaners even feature Remote Control.

Thru July 31, 2018, you can save money on an ergonomic, drop-and-go robot during the “Dolphin Days of Summer” promotion. Whether your kids’ school is looking for a high-quality commercial pool cleaner or you’re in the market for a user-friendly robot for your residential swimming pool, cash in on the savings. These rebates are ONLY available with retail purchases. So, pop in on a local Maytronics Elite Dealer or distributor and ask how much they can save you. Follow the handy link provided HERE to find a location near you.

Extended Warranty, Anyone?

If you know Dolphins, you know they’re backed by the Industry’s Best warranties. That’s especially true in-store, where warranty times are two times or more what they are online: 2- to 4-Yrs. (vs. 1-Yr.). If that weren’t enough, at retail locations you get access to exclusive offers on extended warranties. Energy-saving, energy-efficient robots currently being offered with a FREE Extended Warranty include the M500, S300i and S300. Be sure to register your product—for custom support and updates—by activating your Warranty HERE.

Robotic Vacuum Servicing

Get a FREE Retail-Only Extended Warranty with the Dolphin S300i, S300 or M500. (Pictured: S300i)

Get a Retail-Only FREE Extended Warranty with the Dolphin S300i, S300 or M500 through 2018.

You and your family are one step closer to a clean, safe swim experience! Save extra time and worry by having your in-ground or above-ground pool robot expertly serviced. Say you can’t quite master your Dolphin’s Remote Control, wonder how its Intelligent Navigation System is working or can’t get your selected model to sync up with your smartphone via the MyDolphin app. You can always call Customer Support: 888-DOLPHIN. Yet, retailers who offer service are known for quick turnaround times. In some cases, while you wait!

Top Tier Pool Cleaners

Speaking of pool cleaners, why settle for what’s online when you can have top of the line? Not all Dolphin robots are available online. Pool stores typically have access to a larger assortment of Dolphin robotic pool cleaner from Performance and Advanced to Deluxe and Premium Class. These highly-rated units are priced to give you great value for your money. In addition, local retailers know how area climate, the type of pool you have and other conditions will affect choosing the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool.

Dolphin Demos

Try before you buy! Ask your local Maytronics Dealer about models like the M500. (Pictured: M500 pool cleaning robot)

Why not try it before you buy it? Ask your local Maytronics Dealer for an FREE Dolphin demo!

“Try it before you buy it!” isn’t just a slogan. With retailers, it’s a reality! Those who participate in Maytronics’ Dolphin Demo program are happy to provide you with a pool-cleaning robot on loan. See for yourself how Dolphin Active Brush Technology, Multi-Layer Filtration and Enhanced Navigation Control improve your swim experience. Find a dealer near you, ask them for a Demo and take that Dolphin home. Then drop it in and let it work its magic. You’ll love the new look and feel of your pool water—from pool surface to pool floor.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After going retail, share pics and a few words about your own #ExceptionalExperience with us on Instagram or @MaytronicsUS on Twitter. Or rate your Dolphin purchase on Facebook!