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Smart Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners vs Old-School Suction & Pressure Cleaners

Summer is only months away and after a harsh winter, Americans are no doubt looking forward to warmer weather and lounging by the pool. However, pool maintenance can take some joy out of the season, as keeping the water sparkling and debris-free can be time consuming and costly. This is due, in large part, to the technology employed to clean a majority of pools. Many homeowners still rely on outdated, “old-fashioned” pressure and suction cleaners to clear contaminants from water, unaware that deploying an advanced, robotic pool cleaner can do the job better, faster, and cheaper so more time can be spent enjoying the pool rather than cleaning it.

Archaic Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners have been around since 1937, and over the last eight decades the world has become more advanced, but the technology behind suction cleaners remains stuck in the past.

Suction side cleaners use a pool’s dedicated suction line to propel the cleaner and scrub the floor in random patterns to eliminate unwanted contaminants. The device contains a mess of hoses and cables, places increased pressure on the filter, and requires use of the pool pump to operate. While the suction method of cleaning might have been revolutionary 81 years ago, it’s not only archaic compared to what’s currently available, it’s also energy inefficient and can add tremendous cost to an electricity bill.

Pressure Cleaners and Inefficiency

Like their suction cleaner counterparts, pressure cleaners are another “dumb” technology that hasn’t advanced to keep pace with today’s world. Pressure side cleaners use a pool’s existing pressure side line to drive the cleaner through the pool, but they may also need an extra booster pump to operate. Instead of using a pool’s filtration system to filter sediment, pressure cleaners channel dirt and debris into a filtration bag. Similar to suction cleaners, pressure devices also need a pool pump to operate, increasing utility costs.

High-Tech Dolphin Robotic Cleaners

Smart Dolphin robotic cleaners engineered by Maytronics represent the evolution of pool cleaners. These devices use advanced scanning and navigation software to cross pools in a deliberate fashion, rather than random or haphazard patterns. A turbo scrubbing brush ensures dirt, debris, and algae are effectively eliminated from every inch of the pool including floors, walls and the waterline. With the MyDolphin smartphone app, users can program a weekly cleaning schedule with adjustable cycle times so that the water is always ready for action. Dolphin robotic cleaners are lightweight, easy to service, and can sweep a pool fully clean in just two hours, allowing for more fun and enjoyment.

Homeowners who have turned to slow, old-school suction or pressure cleaners believing them to be a cheaper investment may be surprised to discover that the equipment puts a heavy drain on energy expenses. Dolphin robotic cleaners are 8x more energy efficient, consume up to 90% less power, all while providing unmatched performance. The plug & play technology is reliable, comes with an average lifespan of 5-7 years, and provides peace of mind so that the pool remains a worry-free space for recreation and relaxation. Discover more about the Dolphin Difference by visiting!