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10 Benefits of Dryden Activate Filter Media


10 Benefits of Dryden Activate Filter Media

By Christine G. Adamo

Pool maintenance should result in a clean and safe swim environment. Yet, not all filter media are created equal. Pea gravel and sand can be breeding grounds for pool bacteria. For better results pool supply store owners, pool industry professionals and Maytronics U.S. recommend Dr. Dryden’s Activate—used in 250,000+ pools.

Together, Dr. Dryden's Activate Filter Media and Enhance Summer products help you switch to cleaner alternatives in pool care. (Products pictured)

Together Dr. Dryden’s AFM and Enhance Summer products help you make the switch to clean alternatives in pool care.

Dr. Dryden’s Activate Filter Media is a replacement for sand, zeolite and other crushed glasses. It solves problems like chlorine odor and pool water residue. It staves off physiological side effects related to inhalation of trichloramine and exposure to bacteria or algae in water. It does that while promoting sustainability.

Both pea gravel and #20 filter sand can be replaced by Activate Coarse and Fine products, respectively. For best results, use Activate in combination with Dr. Dryden’s Enhance Summer liquid UV filter product. Enhance Summer helps protect chlorine from the sun, so that fewer trichloramines are produced in your swimming pool.

Read on for insights into how Activate, specifically, can benefit you.

(10) Ways Activate Benefits You

Maytronics’ worldwide presence and advancements in robotic pool cleaner and automatic pool cleaner technology has earned it the respect of pool owners, pool supply specialists, community partners and business partners. It is forever seeking ways to meet your evolving needs and keep pace with innovation. Offering Dr. Dryden’s Activate Filter Media product is one way Maytronics does that.

Maytronics upholds a commitment to value and your family’s enjoyment by building relationships with other innovators—like Dr. Dryden—to ensure that you’re able to access cutting-edge products which keep you safe and happy. Just as Maytronics’ Dolphin robotic vacuums help you get crystal clear results from pool surface to pool floor, so does Activate. It improves overall water quality for a more carefree and healthy swim experience.

Maytronics is proud to partner with Dr. Dryden to bring to your pool the benefits of Activate Filter Media. (Pool pictured)

Maytronics is proud to partner with Dr. Dryden to bring to you and your pool the benefits of Activate Filter Media.

It is also proven to benefit you and those you care about in these (10) and other important ways:

• Activate lowers chemical use/cost.
• Activate absorbs even fine particles.
• Activate has a self-sterilizing surface.
• Activate is a permanent, lasting solution.
• Activate prevents growth of bacteria/algae.
• Activate is 100% pure and bacteria-resistant.
• Activate attracts and captures harmful bacteria.
• Activate gives you cleaner and clearer pool water.
• Activate removes positively charged metals.

Whatever your pool type, needs and budget Activate is a great investment. Maytronics is proud to be partnered with Dr. Dryden for your benefit.

The Story Behind Activate Filter Media

What’s prompted the modern day switch from sand to Activate filter media?

Well, if you and your family enjoy a home swimming pool experience or travel to kid-friendly destinations, you’ll relate to Dr. Dryden’s Activate story. It all started with chlorinated water. When your children or grandchildren swim in highly-chlorinated pool water, they’re bound to complain about the smell or the feel of the water on their skin. Are they overreacting? Not at all!

Dr. Dryden's Activate product was developed with your family's health and safety in mind. (List of benefits, as outlined in story)

Dr. Dryden’s Activate Filter Media product is made with your own family’s health, safety and happiness in mind.

When sea mammals (dolphins, whales, sea lions, etc.) are kept in captivity, it is often in chlorinated water. Dr. Dryden has a history of working with animals like those under similar conditions. He noticed that those mammals were developing lung infections at a young age.

He worked hard to—and was able to—prove that lung infections in mammals were caused by the harmful air they were breathing just above the water surface. Termed trichloramine, that air is a known primary source of chlorine odor.

He was determined to come up with a solution to the problem, inventing the activated filter media called Activate. By drastically reducing trichloramine formation, Activate continues to save the lives of dolphins and other mammals. That’s a happy ending we proudly celebrate at