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Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Commercial Class

Performance Driven

The best investment you’ll make for your facility’s swimming pool!

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No More Tangling

Tired of lots of hoses and cables? Dolphins are “plug and play” and includes the patented Dolphin Swivel technology that gets rid of tangling and ensures complete pool coverage.

Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable

Plug & Play

Dolphin commercial robots make maintaining your pool facility a breeze. Just plug-in, press power and go. When finished, just open, remove and rinse filters clean.

Dolphin Difference - Plug and Play Power Supply

Smart Scanning, Not Old Fashioned

While competitor pool cleaners swirl around the pool floor in random patterns, Dolphins use smart navigation to scan and clean your pool floor completely.

Dolphin Difference - Smart Scanning Technology

Clean Water, Clean Pool

With fine & ultra-fine filters, your pool, as well as the water will be sparkling clean.

Dolphin C6 Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Every Inch of Your Pool

Dolphin C Class and H Series commercial robotic pool cleaners are designed to clean every inch of your pool – floors, walls and waterline!

Dolphin C- Series Robot Scrubbing a Pool Waterline

Guest Satisfaction

Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners are industrial grade cleaners that are easy-to-use and designed for all pool types, sizes and shapes. Ideal for hotels, motels and resorts – reduce your maintenance costs and man-hours by purchasing a Commercial Dolphin for your swim facility. Experience greater guest satisfaction and overhead costs!

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