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Dolphin C3 Scrubbing Underwater in a Swimming Pool

Dolphin Commercial Class

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automate your pool cleaning schedule. Cleaning your pool facility will take machine hours, instead of man-hours… 365 days per year.

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Active Brushing – Floors, Walls Waterline

Durable tracks and dual scrubbing brushes create the friction needed to remove leaves, dirt and debris on the floor, walls and waterline – leaving your pool sparkling clean. The front large active brush spins at 2X the speed of the robot for extra scrubbing power.

Dolphin C Class Active Scrubbing Brushing

Remote Control Included

Dolphin commercial robots make maintaining your pool facility a breeze. Just plug-in, press power and go. When finished, just open, remove and rinse filters clean.

Dolphin C7 Robotic Pool Cleaner Remote Control

Large Capacity

We keep your facilities clean and guests coming back. Our large capacity fine and ultra-fine filters ensure a clog-free operation that removes leaves, dirt, debris and algae.

Dolphin Wave Series Robotic Pool Cleaner Cyclonic Filter

Rinse & Reload

Easy-to-access large top load filter capacity, which includes a top load, fine filter for collecting leaves, dirt and debris.

Dolphin C Class Robotic Pool Cleaner Easy Change Filters

Guest Satisfaction

Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners are industrial grade cleaners that are easy-to-use and designed for all pool types, sizes and shapes. Ideal for hotels, motels and resorts – reduce your maintenance costs and man-hours by purchasing a Commercial Dolphin for your swim facility. Experience greater guest satisfaction and overhead costs!

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