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M500 Scrubbing Waterline

The Dolphin Difference


Dolphin has a rich heritage of more than 35 years cleaning the world’s residential swimming pools. This heritage is built on a legacy of innovative pool cleaning technologies, convenience and peace of mind. The end result is a sparkling clean pool.

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Complete Pool Coverage with Smart Navigation

CleverClean Technology

Have you ever noticed that some pool robots seem to wander aimlessly, leaving some areas unattended while going over clean parts of the pool? Your Dolphin won’t do that to you. Instead, its smart software allows it to map out the most efficient cleaning route at any given time. It learns your pool’s layout, senses obstacles like ladders, and chooses an optimal cleaning method.

CleverClean Technology

PowerStream Mobility

Your Dolphin can push water streams in many directions, which allows it to expertly navigate your pool’s surfaces. The advanced microprocessor in the robot logically decides which water streams to use to accomplish its goals. The PowerStream allows the Dolphin to hug the walls while cleaning. Unlike lesser pool-cleaning robots, the result is increased mobility and a cleaner pool.

PowerStream Mobility
Dolphin M500 Scrubbing Waterline

A Spotlessly Clean Pool with powerful tracks and brushes

Durable Tracks

Durable tracks allow Dolphins to clean closer to the surface than other robotic cleaners – providing the extra friction needed to aid the scrubbing brushes in the Dolphins pursuit of a spotlessly clean pool.


Scrubbing Brushes

Scrubbing brushes create the friction needed to remove leaves, dirt, debris and algae from the floor, walls and waterline – leaving your pool sparkling clean. Our use of powerful scrubbing brushes that move twice as fast as the Dolphin is unique to robotic pool cleaners.

M500 Scrubbing Brushes

Advanced Filtration clear out all the dirt and debris

Fine & Ultra-Fine Filters

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners come with different filter options that allow you to remove leaves and dirt with a fine debris filter, as well as smaller particles and algae with an ultra-fine filter. Upgrade to a premium class Dolphin to provide two levels of filtering in one basket.


Large Filter Capacity

Dolphin top load filter baskets provide a large filter capacity for removing leaves, debris and algae.

Multi-layer filtration

Spot-Clean Dirty Areas

Dolphins also use Bluetooth technology to connect your robot to your Smart Phone – allowing you to remote control your Dolphin via the MyDolphin App. This provides you with the ability to spot-clean dirty areas of your pool.

Pool Party Ready in 3 Hours

Cleaning the pool is a dreaded task, and can take time from your summer fun time. Let your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner give you more family time to enjoy your sparkling clean pool.

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